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A Guide to Solar Energy

We live in a world where renewable resources such as solar and wind power are becoming more and more popular around the globe. This is a positive shift as obtaining electricity from these sources is renewable and helps address the issue of climate change.

The benefits of residential solar panels vary depending on whether you’re looking to cut utility costs, find an alternative to dirty electricity, or help offset fossil fuel-related pollution. If you want to start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, then now’s the time to start with residential solar panels.

The process of getting home with a Solar Panel System can be very complex for non-professionals, so this guide is here to help break it down.

The Home Solar Panel Process

image of customer getting a solar site survey - SS & G WealthStep One: Customer Site Survey

As a solar installer, we want to find exactly what you need for your new Solar System. This step is crucial as it will help us determine the right size and type of system for you. During this survey, we will need to discuss how much electricity you use and how long you intend to have the system. We will also want to know specifics regarding roof space and any shade or sun-blocking features on or around your home.

Step Two: Electrical Inspection by Licensed Electrician

Solar panels are very simple in design, but their electrical installation requires careful consideration. Our licensed electrical technicians will perform a full electrical inspection of the home, checking each wire and circuit. This is an important step that ensures the safety of your new system.

Step Three: Your Own Solar System Calculations

Once you’ve got your electrical system checked out by an electrician, it’s time to determine how much solar power your home can handle. When determining the size of your solar system, several factors must be considered.

Among the most crucial factors is the net-to-gross ratio. This ensures that each panel produces enough energy to power up your needs. We can use this percentage to determine how many panels you need to get the right size.

Step Four: Solar Panel Installation

Contractor installing solar panels on residential property - SS & G Wealth

Once it’s determined that there’s enough space between your solar panel grid and your home, it’s time to install them. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your panels get installed correctly and give you tips on how to future-proof your installation.

The last step is to align the panels with respect to the sun’s angles and surrounding landscape. This ensures that they throw all their power toward your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels?

The cost of installing solar energy on your home will vary depending on your panels’ size and energy requirements. As a general rule of thumb, residential solar panel systems generally cost between $6 to $10 per installed watt of energy.

That’s a pretty reasonable price for the money you’re saving on electricity bills and protecting the environment.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

This is the most popular reason why homeowners are choosing to go solar. Using this method, your savings will depend on the energy costs in your area, but you can expect to save around $100 a month by switching to solar energy. This willhelp offset the cost of installing your new photovoltaic system and allows you to see if it’s really for you.

Many homeowners who have tried solar power get surprised at how easy it is to add a system without much effort.

Is Solar Installation A Good Investment?

We’re glad you asked. The savings, in general, have been shown to pay for the system even if your electricity rates are high, provided you have enough sunlight exposure. If you don’t have much sun exposure, your system will take several more years to pay itself off.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Solar Energy

It’s not all about saving money – there’s also a lot of good in doing your part in reducing global warming and climate change. By choosing solar power over other electricity sources, you’re helping sustain a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy. This is the best thing you can do for our planet.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar cells are the individual units that make up solar panels, producing energy through the photovoltaic effect. This means that they convert photons of light into an electric current by using semiconductors. The energy produced by these cells is then gathered and stored in batteries, ready for use.

Types of Solar Panels


These panels are made from silicon and are usually more efficient than monocrystalline silicon. Due to their clear advantages, they are often used in commercial applications where cost is the primary concern. stack of solar panels ready to be installed - SS & G Wealth


These panels have one advantage over polycrystalline: they contain a higher concentration of silicon than polycrystals, producing more electricity for the same amount of panel area. The next thing to consider is weight, as these weigh considerably more than polycrystal panels.

Their downside is that they are more expensive than roll-top monocrystalline and produce a higher power output per square inch of the panel.


As the name suggests, these are made from different types of thin films. They do not use bulky glass faces to collect light. However, they use a back sheet of glass or aluminum to protect them from the elements and provide strong surfaces for mounting.

How Long Does Solar panel Installation Take?

Depending on the size of your home’s solar system, it will take anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks to install the actual solar panels. You can expect installation to take between 2 and 4 hours. You’ll be in touch with us throughout the process so that you don’t have any surprises.

How Do You Find The Right Solar Installer?

Finding the right installer is important because you don’t want to choose someone without a lot of experience or bad for your home’s electrical system. One way to find the right solar installer is by getting estimates from several different installers.

Compare our pricing and comfort level with your own home, then choose an installer that best matches your needs. We are certain SS & G Wealth can provide you with quality installation and outstanding service after install.

The Bottom Line

Energy is a very powerful and necessary resource that’s heavily dependent on in the modern world. However, with the growing concern of global warming and climate change, it’s important that we start thinking of better ways to create a sustainable future – so why not consider solar energy?

Solar energy doesn’t pollute or emit toxic gases into the atmosphere, making it one of the cleanest forms of power generation on the market today. It also doesn’t require any fuel source or material to generate electricity, though you will need to keep it protected from harsh weather conditions.

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