Our Services


We will engage in an open and comprehensive dialogue with you in order to deliver solid guidance. We will give you our best recommendations to reach your goals, help you maintain proper perspective, and together lay a foundation to build your future.


We work with you to design a well-crafted financial plan that is organized, thorough and complete. Your goals will direct your plan and together we will create a pathway for success that accounts for obstacles while being flexible to change. We will routinely revisit and update your plan and use it to direct future financial decisions.


Using your financial plan as a roadmap, we will build an investment portfolio to deliver results that are consistent with your goals. Your portfolio will be custom-designed for your unique situation by our extensively trained and knowledgeable team.


Protecting what you've built for yourself and your family is of utmost importance. We can help you determine the right amount and best sources of protection for you. We address life insurance, long-term care insurance, group insurance benefits, and short- and long-term disability insurance. We're also happy to review your existing insurance policies. For business executives and owners, we can help you with deferred compensation structuring and business succession planning.

Investment Process

Focused Funds Some funds have managers and teams that believe in investing with great focus and conviction. These managers generally limit their number of holding to 20 – 100 stocks. They monitor their ownership in these companies and are active managers.

Index Solutions Participating in market returns is obtainable with passive funds that emulate indices like the S&P500.

Core Stocks These are stocks of iconic companies we want to own as investors. Buying these stocks and holding them for the long-term provides a (but not diversified) way to participate in the long-term performance of these companies.

Undervalued Stocks Filtering the universe of stocks to identify quality balance sheets and earnings can identify target companies. We buy those stocks when they fall below our estimation of fair value and sell them when they reach our targeted sell price.