Employer Retirement Plan Services:

For nearly two decades, SS&G Wealth Management has gained extensive experience in structuring, implementing and servicing all types of retirement plans, including 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, Single (Solo) k’s, SEP, SIMPLE IRA Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, and Non-Qualified Plans. Our team is dedicated to staying up to date on the constantly changing laws and regulations governing this complex area.

Company Retirement Plans are a key benefit for all organizations. Our goal at SS&G Wealth Management is to take the burden off of Plan Sponsors utilizing the 4 key services of: Plan Design, Investment Advice, Fiduciary Compliance and Employee Education

Plan Design – Assisting Plan Sponsors to customize a program that best fits the needs and culture of their business. The type of plan to design should be used to attract and retain your employees. Careful and insightful discussion should be made to install a program that will meet all of your employees needs.

Investment Advice – We serve in the role of a 3(21) Investment Advisor which is a co-fiduciary role to you and the Plan. We will assist you in building an investment fund menu and Investment Policy Statement that meets the needs of your company. In this role, we will review, monitor, and make recommendations for replacements that you may either approve or reject.

Fiduciary Compliance – Working with your chosen vendor and TPA, we assist in making sure you understand your fiduciary responsibility for the company retirement plan. Fiduciaries are subject to strict standards of conduct because they act on behalf of the participants and their beneficiaries. Benchmarking your plan is an example of one of those duties to ensure you are offering a competitive plan to your employees. SS&G can help you with your fiduciary tasks.

Employee Education – The more your employees understand about their retirement plan options, the more satisfied they will be with their plan and your company. SS&G Wealth Management will provide on-site educational presentations, one on one personal sessions, webinars, and work with your employees over the phone. This is our core purpose and service belief. We strive to educate, listen to the needs of your employees and then offer guidance.

Our solution is to help you manage your company retirement plan more efficiently and effectively by offering assistance with Plan Design, Investment Advice, Fiduciary Compliance, and Employee Education. The team at SS&G Wealth Management can be the company consultant as well as your employees’ retirement coach!