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Make a Plan to Get Financially Fit

Much like staying healthy, financial fitness is a long-term goal. This often means implementing reasonable changes that match your lifestyle and work with your habits. While some changes are straightforward, such as periodically rebalancing your 401(k) account, others can take time.

“Stretched Worriers” Feel Financially Trapped

When looking to improve your financial situation, you often hear about the value of saving more and spending less. While that advice is useful for many, what about the individuals whose budget is stretched to its limit? When tightening your belt is not an option, less conventional steps must be taken to improve your financial situation.

Slow and Steady “Confident Savers” Win the Race

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have a strong retirement plan. Starting early, saving regularly, valuing savings, and meeting with a financial planner have helped many Americans become confident in their future.

“Tentative Savers” Feeling the Squeeze of Competing Financial Obligations

If you’re part of Middle America, it’s likely you have some worries regarding your finances. Though it may seem like saving for retirement is an impossible task, there are steps you can take to gain more control over your future and relive your stress.

"Concerned Strivers” Have Higher Incomes, Find Saving Hard

A recent survey released by CFP Board identified the saving habits of 1,000 working Americans over 25 years old and determined there are four demographics of Americans and their saving patterns.

New Survey Shows Americans Trying to Save; Positive Yet Uncertain About Their Finances

While our economy has come a long way since the recession, most Americans are still facing significant pressures when it comes to saving money. This month on LetsMakeaPlan.org, a recent CFP Board survey discusses American’s saving styles. Notable findings include:

Global Market Volatility: How to Stay In and Weather the Storm

After Britain’s recent vote to leave the EU, the stock market experienced a 700-point decline. In moments like these, the urge to do something with your U.S.

Building a Championship Retirement Plan

By: Carina S. Diamond, CFP®, AIF®

I’m a huge basketball fan. In watching the Cavs bring home the NBA championship, I couldn’t help thinking about the lessons we can learn from this team’s journey and how they apply to creating a championship retirement plan.

Dad and Mom, Be a Financial Superhero to Your Kids

Kids are eager to spend their money as soon as they get it, but teaching them how to save their money sets them up for future financial success. This month on LetsMakeaPlan.org, the CFP Board provides a few ideas for parents to help teach their kids how to be more financially savvy:

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